What's SRO?

SRO exists to encourage young people to discover and ignite their creative gifts in the performing arts.

This is accomplished through fee-based training, education, and performance opportunities.

Further, SRO is devoted to art's enrichment and inspiration, so that young people may engender a life-long passion for the cultural and performing arts.

Artistic director Karla Franko's bio coming soon!

Board Members
Karla J. Franko President
Ron Franko Vice President
Cindi Squillace Treasurer
Judy McFadden Secretary
Bary Brand Current Board Member
Joy Pierce Current Board Member
Kylie Samocha Current Board Member
Chelsea Emma Franko Current Board Member
Jim Hoyt Founding Board Member/Emeritus
Craig A. Meyer Founding Board Member/Emeritus
Jovy Yankaskas Founding Board Member/Emeritus